2005 year

    My exhibition "My Northern Edge" has been opened in Archangelsk in the culture centre "Marfin House" at the end of January. There were a lot of people at the opening of the exhibition. Among them the fellows of Mezen friendship "The Winter Store", my friends, the people from Kimzha and Mezen, TV "STSArchangelsk" and others. All of them were admired of photos. My photo pictures are devote to ancient culture of Pomori people who lived near the White sea in 16-17 centuries. They lived in the big houses, sang the beautiful Russian songs and they were the seamen, hunters, fishers. They had the high moral values such as friendship, help ness, honesty, courage.exhibition

This year our town Mezen has its 225 anniversary. On the 6th of February the presentation of the book "Okladnicova slobodka" was taken by the authors of this book. These were Shulgin N.V. and Sanakina T.A. This book tells us about the history of Mezen edge from 1500 year till our days.Mezen You can read about Mezen in the book of David Roberts "Four against the Arctic". He tells us about the Mezen Robinsons, who have lived six years on Edge island of the  Svalbard archipelago since 1743 till 1749 years.

2006 year

This year I have gone in two campaigns. One is with schoolboys to Sojana village from Mezen. We have had foot tour 110 km long across forest and swamps. It took us six days from 23 to 29 of July. 16 schoolchildren from 12 to 17 years old, 2 students, 2 teachers and I were in this tour.
We have a rest Sojana village At the path

On the shores of Mezen and Pinega

And in August I had my bicycle travel along Mezen and Pinega rivers. It took me 16 days. A length of this route is 1200 km. I went from Mezen town on 1-st of August. In the evening I was at Celegora at my friend and college Popov Alexander. He has a strange house with six angles. On the second of August we went to village Azapolje to the village celebration. Next day I cold achieve the village Seliche. There I visited a museum by Martin Fatjanov.
Melogora village Near the river Barns

On the fourth of August I passed by Cenogora, Belochlje villages and had a overnight stay at my tent near Mezen river. That night a small frost occurred. But the next morning was nice with sun and mist. I went to village Palacheje. Here you can see an old church and some crosses. This village was famous for ornament at distaff. I have my dinner in Ust-Kima village. After that I crossed the Mezen river at boat. In the evening I was in village Koinas.

On sixth of August I achieved a village Vozhgora, had passed 70 km. The road was difficult because of sand. I went to river Pizhma in the evening.

Next day I crossed a border of Komi republic and Archangelsk region and went to village Pissa. Here I crossed Mezen river and had that overnight stay in the pine forest in my tent.
Koinas village Morning mist Old cross

On 8 of August I achieve a town Usogorsk. I went to coffee and shops ant went further to a small town Blagoevo.  My overnight stay was at the shore of river Ertom. Next day I crossed a border of Komi and Pinega district of Archangelsk region. In the evening I was at village Nuhcha.

On the tenth of August I visited a museum of people of chud - the old nationality of Russia. Also I have pictured an egg of dinosaur. One fisher fined it near the river Nuhcha.

Next day my route was along the river Pinega and my overnight stay was near the river on the meadow. I arrived to Karpogors on eleventh of August. The path from Nuhcha to Karpogors is 150 km long.

Next day I arrived to Veegora village. It situated near the river Pinega in 50 km from Karpogors. In the evening I had a bathhouse. Here my friend Sasha lived. We went with him to the secondary school in Archangelsk in 1975-1979 years.
View to Mezen river Rocks I am with egg

Next morning he transported me at boat across river and I went to village Chacola. My dinner was in village Trufanovo. After that I crossed the river Pocha. But the road became difficult because of swamp. Such road was 11 km. My overnight stay was at the lake Srednee.

On the 14 of August I arrived to Pinega village. Here the Pinega reserve situated.

Next overnight stay was in the forest in 20 km from Sovpolje. I went to lake Skomoroch. There were a lot of berries and mushrooms in the forest.

On the 16 of August I arrived to my home village Kimzha passing 70 km. Here I have had a rest for nine days and on 25 of August I arrived to Mezen. During my stay at Kimzha I visited a local museum "Politov house", met with expedition from Moscow. They are six men from Institute of culture and nature heritage.
The scheme of my route The photo of the route The map of the route

My travel photo gallery

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