I have used this dream-book for 14 years and 80% symbols were checked on my own practice of life. As to me all the dreams predict a future. I can say, that the dreams are a factor of the clairvoyance. There are two categories of dreams: as symbols as in this dream-book. Such dream you have to decipher. And the second - dreams are revelations, where future events are sent straight, in clear type.
Dreams come true next day, for week and through several years. I can  sea them not only dreamt, but also for day
while awake and even hear . That is a result of the spiritual practice.
It is possible to divide dreams into groups. For example for bad and good symbols. So, all fruits, flowers tell us about good events, and such symbols as rats and cockroaches - about troubles.

     Many symbols have spiritual importance. For instance, with Bliss and happiness are bound such symbols as chocolate, washtub, branch, pillow, songbird and others. Revelations can appear in the dreams on the eve greater religious holiday as Whitsunday, Christenings and others.

Pleasing  dreams to You!

Abyss - ravaging Emerald – an appointment Pancakes – an illness
Album-unexpected meeting Excrement - money Park – a red tape
Anchor – a hope To fall in pit - trouble Pear – a pleasure
Angel – a success in deals Fence – a failure in deals Pearl - tears
Apples – a performance of the desires Fir Tree – a long distance Photography –a surprise
Apricot - performance of the desire Fire – a quarrel Pictures – an interest
Apron –false news Fish pond – a profit Pie - welfare
Bag – indignation Flag – a respect Pike – a quarrel with chief
Basin – emptiness Flatiron – a separation Pillow – a household happiness
Bathe – a surprise Fleas – unpleasant news Pit – trouble, a grief
Beard – a profit Flowerers – a welfare life Poison – a fraud
Beat smbd. - a fend Ford – an unpleasant event Poppy - welfare
Bed – a household life Forest – a long distance place Potholes – an annoyance
Bedbug – an annoyance Fox – a fraud Prison – a change in life
Bell – a joy To fry – an accusation Puppy – a friend of the childhood
Beret – a surprise Fur (to buy) - wealth Radio - gossips
Blanket – a separation Geese – a love Rain – a trouble
Blood – an appointment with natives Gipsy – to be defraud Raspberry – a speedup in deals
Boast - troubles Glass – empty troubles Road (straight) – welfare
Bottle - news Goat (to nanny milk) – to get money Saucepan – a larceny
Box –an empty life Gold – a separation Sea – a tempestuous life
Branch – a success in love Grapes – an accusation Shark – unpleasant cares
Brick – success, good luck Grave – oblivion To shave a beard – a loss
Bridge (to go) – a danger Guitar – a joy life Shirt – a letter
Briefcase – a hope Gun – a quarrel Shop – an interest
Brush – treason Hairs (to cut) – a loss Shore – a calm life
Butt – a friend Hare – a loss Shot on forehead – a profit
To buy a chain –a luck To have dinner – a surprise Singing – news
Cabin – a pleasure To have tea – a joy  Skirt – an appointment with loved
Cards – a quarrel Hedgehog – a talk with a liar Smile – you are dreamed
Carrot – a shame  Honey – an enjoyment Snake – a fury
Carryings – an interesting acquaintance Horse – a lie  Snow – laughter
Casket – astonish news House – a new life Soap – an arrival of smbd.
Cat – an enemy Hurricane – a change in life Sour cream – a profit
To catch fish – a profit Ice-cream – revelry Sparks – confusion
Chair – a good career Icon – welfare Sparrow (to feed) -a wedding
Cheese – a profit Iron – an unexpected present Stairway downwards – a failure
Cherry - tears Jam – sweetness Stairway upwards – a success
Chickens – a joy Kiss - trouble Stocking – a road
Children – a success in deal Knife – an interesting man Stool – a secret sadness
Chocolate – a joy Lake – tranquility Sugar – a pleasure
Church – a will Lame – a surprise Swan – a pleasure
Cinema – an analysis of the deal Lamp – a success Table – an offer
Clear sky – an improvement in life Lemon – treason of the friend Theater – a joy
Closet - anguish Lily of the valley – a confession Threads - gossips
Coach - an illness Louses – money, present Toad – a treachery
Coat - news Mail – a surprise Tobacco – a distress
Cockroaches - trouble Meadow – a profit Tomato – a shame
Comb – a road Medallion – matrimony Towel – a letter
Copy-book –a taunt Medicine – an insult Turkey – a friend
Creek – a joy Midge – a danger Turquoise – a message about love
Crow – a grief Midwife – a long disease Valise – a sudden departure
Cry – revelry Milk – a profit Violets – a joy
Cucumbers - emotions Mirror – a change in deals Vodka – unexpectedness
Curls - wealth Money (copper) - tears Wart – a surprise
To cut – to lose Money (paper) – a joy To wash – go to visit smbd.
Death – a long life Moon – a big love To wash caps – a guest
Dirt – an illness Mushrooms – a profit To wash in bathe – an illness
Dirty hands – money interest Music – a message Washtub - happiness
Disease – a long health Naked people – an illness Water – a failure, an illness
Doll – a surprise Needle – to fall in love Water-melon – a joy message
Dove – an ingenious life Newspapers – a frustration Waves – a suddenly departure
Down – joy news Nuts – an insult Wind – a love
Drunken man - illness Oak – a profit Window – an improvement in life
Eagle owl - trouble Onion - distress Winter –cooling in love
Earrings – an appointment with loved Orange – a success, a present Wolf – an enemy
To eat fish – an illness Drum – a slander Yacht – a joy
To eat fish soup – a joy Velvet – a good news  
Eau-de-cologne – a confession Bun – a happiness
Echo – a letter from distance Shoes – a road
Eggs – a visit Pail with water – a profit

Use this dream-book creatively and you  will open a lot of new symbols. And then you can add these opened symbols to this list and check them in your practice of life.

Good luck!

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