My exhibition is devote to our northern nature, our people-seamen. On the north of Russia  you can meet a wood architecture and language of old centuries . Our people didn't know a serfdom, so here a spirit of freedom and creativeness was expressed more than in the middle Russia. A majestic northern nature was promote also to this creative work. For some last years I have made several exhibitions in Mezen district and Archangelsk. So, I invite you to visit my exhibition "My Northern Land". For introduction I offer an article about my exhibition in Mezen.

Beauty Behind Mesen's Outskirts

   He took the camera in his hands for the first time 22 years ago, during the Olympic games in Moscow , when he was a student of veterinary institute. And, since then, it is possible to tell, he didn't leave it any more.
At the beginning, as it usually happens, Fyodor Safonov took photos of his friends and familiars, cities and memorable places.  And only after some time he realized, that it's not  necessary to go far to find beauty. It's near, beyond my native Mezen outskirts!
   So, the whole cycle of photos about Mezen and the North was born, which poured out eventually into the exhibition "My northern land". It has been working in Mezen museum of local lore since May of 2002 on the eve of the Day of the Slavic literature and culture. And a certain part of that exhibition was shown also in the native village of the author, in Kimzha. And this trip to the native village on Iljin day ( the 2-d of August) was not accidental. Visitors can see Kimzha, it's people and vicinities, which are of great importance in photo works by Fyodor. It is enough to look at such snapshots as "The church of Odigitria", "Kimzha domes", "Spring", "Vow Cross" to understand the attitude of the author to the small native land. All these photos are made with kind attention and love.
   For Mezen people Fyodor Safonov , except of everything, is known as passionate traveler For last years he covered on foot through the native places not less than several hundred kilometers. And, certainly, he didn't forget to take with him for a road a camera. So, the new theme has appeared in his creative work. And for more of us it will be a wander to look at color snapshots of the old Mezen post road, the river Kepina, quaint landscapes of Pinega`s reserve.
We have to be true: not all pictures have got high criteria of an art photo, but Fyodor's sincere, full of love sight on his native land, we shall use this word, propaganda of beauty cause respect. You see, that it is so perfect, when the man goes on his native land not with malice, but with the camera and open heart!

Reporter  of "The North" Alexander Antipin 

Kimzha village Pinega canyon Winter View to church



Exhibition 2005 Photo gallery 2006

Photo - 2007


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