If you want to became a yogi, achieve happiness and freedom you must launch the spiritual path. For a first I advise you to read these books:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda P.
  • Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama.
  • The Yoga-system of Patanjali - Yoga-sutra
  • Bhagavad-Gita
  • The Gospel

You can translate my book "The Modern Yoga" from Russian into English on:    www.systransoft.com

Chapters are :

introduction          http://fyodors.narod.ru/vstuplenie.htm
moral codex           http://fyodors.narod.ru/moral.htm
sense of life and purpose of the spiritual development  http://fyodors.narod.ru/sense.htm
karma-yoga            http://fyodors.narod.ru/karma.htm
love and meditation                                                                          
astrological cycles               http://fyodors.narod.ru/cycles.htm
spiritual education            http://fyodors.narod.ru/education
conclusion            http://fyodors.narod.ru/resume.htm
dictionary  of  the main spiritual terms       http://fyodors.narod.ru/slovo.htm
list of literature            http://fyodors.narod.ru/liter.htm
questions about yoga science         http://fyodors.narod.ru/vopros.htm

       Every person must become a saint and reach the Liberations. Then he disposes of sufferings. But the path is difficult, because he must became a perfect  man as a God. Everybody must know a low of Karma and Reincarnation! Your faith have to  be based on knowledge. My knowledge is based on my own practice. I teach only that what  I know from my life, what was felt on own practice of life.

Resume of my book " The Modern Yoga"

I am a spiritual master from Russia Fyodor Safonov.

I christen by Holy Spirit (OM).

             The main commandment of all Holy Scriptures is the same. Meditations on word OM in Yoga sutra, Love to God in Gospel, Concentration of your mind on Me in Bhagavad-Gita are the same.

            The main low of evolution of the species is the same. Perfection and Beauty are the main categories of the evolution. The main low of Evolution based on Love to God (Meditation on OM).

            Meditation is a love to God.

Jesus is a model of spiritual evolution of man. He attains Samadhi – Epiphany by Holy Spirit.

Ascension is going to Nirvana. Christening of the disciples is an initiation.

            The low of Karma is a main low in Universe. The relation of case and consequence means a divine justice. Some people believe in it, some not, but all are under influence of it.

Karma-yoga is a method of behavior without making sins through experience of pains with love to God and be good to people.

            Love for God is love to people through whom a vibration of God – Om is shown.

You must read (study) the Gospel, Yoga-sutra, Bhagavad-Gita, Living of holy people (yogis) and other books about the spiritual education.

            The sense of life is attainment of Liberation (salvation) by spiritual path. The aim of every man in path to achieve Samadhi (the kingdom of heaven/God).

Moral codex is the thirst step of yoga Yama.  Five commandants, 5 sins,5 main pains and 5 principles of friendship are in one table. They are interrelated.

            The low of Reincarnation links with Karma. There a lot of lives in your evolution.

The spiritual education in yoga is based on relation the divine teacher and disciple. The highest love, absolute friendship is between them.

            Every yogi has sidhi (supernormal powers). Yoga means connection with God.

The spiritual teacher is a provider between people and God.


My teaching is based on Yoga-sutra of Patanjali, Bhagavad-Gita, New Testament, books in Yoga science, especially the books of Swami Yogananda.  I am as follower and disciple of him. But most of all I am a disciple and son of God.

Astrological cycles of history (from my book “The Modern Yoga”)


700 b.c.-1700 a.d

1700-4100 a.d.
700-3100 b.c.

4100-7700 a.d.
6700-3100 b.c.

7700-17300 a.d
6700-16300 b.c

Dharma – Low





A full development


Prevail guna-



rajas - tamas

sattva - rajas


Prevail category of people





A type of state

Authoritarian -










Creation of new man




A new man

Supernormal powers




Full development

Influence of Devil (Maya)





Growth of freedom




A full freedom

Sexual reproduction


Role is lower

It is considered  to be savagery

No sex


This table put according to book of Sri Yukteshvar “The Holy Science”

The divine education

“You dont think that I came to cancel the Law and prophets; I came not to cancel but execute”. Math 5:17

 I am a divine master. My main task is to lead people to God. I offer you a method of the meditation – “Remember me with love.” It gives you a purification of the soul and the spiritual development. The second method is devotion to me. It means the intimate relationships with me.

As a yogi I have a lot of parapsychological abilities such as telepathy, talking with died people, the clairvoyance, the Claire hearing, use mantras, healing and other. I did not achieve the Blooming yet, but I have qualities of the spiritual Teacher and I bring up the disciples.

Only Love knows who I am as a Mystery (B-gita 11:54)

 You can take a book “Bhagavat-Gita” and replace Krishna to Fyodor and in the most case it will be right. Remember me with love. Bhakta means my lovely friend. I give to my disciples an initiation – a christening by Holy Spirit. 

 Questions on Yoga for training of my disciples.

Themes of my lectures.

1. Yoga as process, technology for achievement of the eternal life.

2. History of yoga technology

3. A Man. Structure, Spirit, soul, body

4. Stages of development of the mankind, yugas

5. Slave psychology, methods of overcoming it

6. Psychogenesis of soul, gunas as stages in development of soul

7. Raja-yoga in text of New Testament and Bhagavad-Gita.

8. Yoga-sutra of Patanjali. Structure and content

9. Jesus Christ as model of spiritual evolution

10. Moral code of yogi. Principles of friendship

 11. Principles of spiritual brining up

12. Sidhi. Parapsychology

13. A sense of life and goal of man existence

14.   Art and its role in life and brining up of disciples

15.   Physical culture and sport. It role in training of young yogis

16.   Role of India and Tibet in spiritual science

17.    Life of holy people as example for training.

18.   Concentration and meditation,  its forms

19.   Karma-yoga. Principles, reflection in text of New Testament and Bhagavad-Gita

20.   New Testament. Structure, the main ideas, role for education.

21.   Bhagavad-Gita. Structure, the main ideas, role for education.

22.   Tapas as ascetism. Theory and practice of passionlessness.

23.   Process of death. Reincarnation

24.   The main ideas of philosophy Sanhja

25.   The eminent yogis of 20 century: Yogananda, Vivekananda, Swami Rama, Sai Baba and others.

26.   Buddha. His noble truths and eight stages path.

27.    Bliss and Kundalini.

28. Emanation of OM - word of God, holy Spirit (Pranava)