The haystack The red shore The vow Cross Mezen river in Seliche Ona -a small river Mezen river Konechelie The morning mist
The cross in Palachelie The cross near road The forest river The village Vozhgora Vozhgora Pizhma river The road in Komi Politovo village
The barn The forest road Pinega river The horse rider The egg of dinosaur The view of the egg In museum The millstones

The barns in Nuhcha The road The well near the road The guard Pinega river The rock near the river Kurga The rock The hill
The forest road The white road The shore of Pinega Kulogori village The campfire Pishenica river The track of the bear The stamp
The grandfather The distaff The dawn The samovar The Psalter The church of Odigitria in Kimzha Kimzha village My house
Melogora village Azapolje village Celegora village The house of Popov in Celegora The house of Martin in Seliche My halt The well The church in Palachelie
Nizma river The Mezen crossing Usogorsk town In Nuhcha The view to Mezen river The larch The raspberry Pissa village

Panoramic photo

Leshukonskoje Koinas Vozhgora 1 Vozhgora 2

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