Every year I go to my foot tours. These tours are a part of my spiritual practice. Usually I go alone to the Belomor-Kuloy Plato from Sojana to the White sea. It takes me one month and I go 200-400 km across the forests, swamps, lakes, rivers, meadows. Usually I drift in my small boat on rivers such as Sojana, Megra. I take my boat with me when go on foot. There are no people in this area, no village. Only I and God. For a food I fish and collect mushrooms and berries. I take with me a tent, sleeping sack, axe, knife, dried bread, salt, map and compass. I have a big rucksack. And two last years I take tours also with schoolboys. In 2003 we went from Kimzha to Sovpolje and back /120 km,15 children, one week / and in 2004 - from Kamenka to Azapolje along the Mezen river /110 km 25 children, one week/.

2000. That autumn during holydays I made two fascinating foot tours on native edge. First my route was extent of 240 km.  I left my native village Kimzha on 16th of the August and went on winter road to Archangelsk. The first night I spent in a log hut  near a small river Shala. Then the road turn on the left to Sovpolje and I went along the river without road with help of map and compass. On summer Shala was uninhabited. There were a lot of traces of the  bears, elks, wild boars. I saw a lot of hazel hens, wood-grouses. In the river graylings and pikes lived. On meadows near the river Shala I saw a lot of raspberry.
Next morning was wonderful, solar. The birds votes merged in a continuous rumble. A good weather had been established for the period of all my three-week travel since that morning. In the evening I went to river Kuloy. That night was a frost and I spent it in my tent in a birch grove. Next day I arrived to village Karepolje. Here I lived a week,  visited a lake Vilan, fishing in it.
   Then I went to village Sojana along the Kuloy. Some part of this way I floated on the raft. In Sojana I stayed a week. During that stay I went to old fish work up to river in 25 km. The fish work had planted young fish of the salmon till 1963 year.
    From Sojana I went to Kamenka where was situated a  sawing factory. And from Kamenka I went to Kimzha along the Mezen river.

The second tour I made in one month, in September, on a route Kimzha - Leshukonskoje, extend 120 km.

River Sojana Fish work Kimzha river

2006 year

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