I live in the small town Mezen near the White sea. My hobbies are a philosophy of Yoga, travels, photo and many others. I have written a book "The Modern Yoga". Have read this book you can know about my beliefs. I like to travel in a wild nature and every year go marching for 200-400 kilometers. I publish articles about my travels in our regional newspaper "The North". I  have made photos since 1980 year and have made several interesting exhibitions recently. I swim all the year, especially I like to swim on winter in ice-hole and during an ice-floating. Please, read some articles about me.

After Exhibition Into Ice-hole.

  The new exhibition, brought from Mezen was opened in Archangelsk in the day of the big orthodox holiday, in christening.
 However, its new only for the inhabitants of the regional centre. But for Mezencitizens the photo works  by Fyodor Safonov (which are submitted to the Archangelsk public) are familiar. The exhibition is called "The Beauty beyond the Mezen outskirts" and it is demonstrated in the regional public library named Dobrolubov.
Here it is necessary to add that Fyodor  would not be himself  if he redeemed in Christening. At once after the opening day in Dobrolubov library (which was visited by participants of Mezen friendly association "Winter coast") Fyodor tested an ice cold water of the Northern Dvina, plunged in tradition in an ice-hole.

Reporter  Alexander Antipin. "The North". 7-th of February 2003.

On the  my exhibition in Mezen museum

Mezen town

 Into an ice-hole

Mezen river

"Au-u" and Warts are Gone

   I should like to tell how with the help of purifying of respiratory gymnastics of yogis I made my hands clean of warts. At first I did so: some times I had several deep breaths and then sharply exhaled through the nostrils - for purifying a nose. After that I did mantras: made a deep complete breath and exhaled with a sound [a:]. So I did 3 times. Then exhaled with a sound [u:],[m]  and [a:- u:-m] - 3 times  too. Soon warts have ceased to grow and then disappeared at all, but earlier there were a lot of them on fingers of hands. I was going even to visit doctors for help.
   Very often I also use such a way of breath: an inhale - through the left nostril, delay, exhalation - through the right nostril, then on the contrary. And so I do 4 times. After that I meditate. That's a pleasure!
   I follow a healthy way of life. I engaged with yoga science. Already for 8 years I have been studying a work of Patanjali "The Yoga-sutra". I bathe all the year in the river. Once a week I eat and drink nothing, and once a year I go without any food within 7 days. I observe orthodox fasts. Sometimes I run in the morning. I like to train with dumb-bells, ski and ride a bike. I love to take a steam bath and after it run to the snow or to an ice-hole. It is very healthy! In winter I make joggings wearing only sport shorts and trainers. In summer I play football, table tennis and like fishing. Sometimes I get for some days to the forest, where I live alone in a wood hut on a coast of a lake. To my mind, that is a good means of spiritual perfection. In autumn I collect mushrooms, berries, paddle down the river.
I am 36 ears old and work as a vet doctor in a regional  veterinary laboratory. Everyone, who thinks him to be a yogi and follow a healthy way of life, studies a spiritual literature, are invited have correspondence with me.

The magazine "The Physical culture and Sport" ¹ 4 1998.

During my travel

 A wood hut on a coast of the lake Lamskoye

My native village Kimzha. My cottage in center (green) Our river Kimzha

    I was born in 1960 and my childhood went in Kimzha village, a nice place on the Earth. I was a good pupil at school and was the 1st in school Olympiads on math's. After school I became vet. First I learned in Archangelsk at technical secondary school and then graduated from Leningrad veterinary institute (now St.Peterburg). From 1985 till the end of 1990 I was post graduated student in Moscow. And in 1991 I have returned to Mezen to my native North. Mezen is a small town not far from the White sea. Kimzha is situated in 36 km from Mezen. I have a home (cottage) in Kimzha and I go there during my holiday. I live in wooden house in tworoomes flat. I fire a stove and go to water-pump station for water. I have a bathhouse and small garden. My computer is Intel core2 duo, Ati 1950 pro with 20 inches widescreen monitor Nec. I am a photo artist and make photo exhibition in Mezen, Archangelsk and villages. I do also my video films on DVD. I have more then ten my discs. My films are about my campaigns, my swimming in winter and during ice-floating, about Mezen and Kimzha, my friends. My photo camera is Canon G5 and video camera Sony HC 40. Also I have a satellite Internet. I work as a vet inspector.
    I am a spiritual master and bring up my disciples. My teaching is based on my book "The Modern Yoga". I have a lot of powers: can speak with dyed, telepathy and others. I am an eternal youth and my favorite friends are boys. Who remember me with love he goes to God and became my friend. Welcome to me!

 Flash-film "My winter swimming"5,6 Mb

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