I have begun to bring up my disciples since 1989 year. Often I work with boys. And when I came to Mezen in 1991 my flat became as a teenagers club. Schoolboys came to me and we play a different games: cards, chess, Dendy games, listen to the music; now we play computer games. Two years a table tennis stand in my flat. It was fun to play tennis at home. We went fishing, campaigns, for berries and mushrooms to forest, swimming in our river Mezen, play football on stadium and so on. Sometimes we went to my native village Kimzha, where lived my mother. Where I have a canoe and we went fishing on it. Kimzha is a nice place for spiritual education. I am as Krishna who plays with boys.

Village Kimzha My mother. (1921 -2000) During training power lifting On canoe




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